At Bordon, tradition and our native Istrian environment mean a lot to us. This love is presented to you through wine and food tasting experiences. This means that we not only offer premium wines, but we also reveal our world to you through other selected products, tastings, breaks and wine trips into the past.

Premium organic olive oil

Our range of premium wines is complemented by Premium extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil, produced in our own olive grove. Our oil carries a certificate of organic production of extra virgin olive oil from Slovenian Istria with a protected designation of origin.

Tasting experience

As we follow the example of our ancestors in wine production, we also take you to the world of top wines and selected cuisine in a traditional way. We offer pre-booked and guided tastings of wines and local Istrian delicacies in the newly built cellar, where there is a special area and a sunny terrace.

Spend the night in Istria

The proximity of the sea, the valley of Rižana and the city of Koper are perfect for a vacation. We offer accommodation in a stylish apartment, but you can also come with a motor home. Here you can see the old family mill, and enjoy everything our estate has to offer.

Archive cellar

In the deep peace of the archive cellar, our wines have excellent conditions to further enhance their quality. Tasting them is a special experience, similar to a trip through time.