At Bordon, we have been creating top-quality wines since 1985, when Ivan Bordon, the brand’s founder, registered the first-ever private wine brand in the region. The five-generation long family tradition was continued by his son Boris who is now turning over the estate and all his knowledge to his son Jan. This way, knowledge is being passed on through the generations and yields award-winning wines.

The knowledge of producing fine wines has been passed down from generation to generation.


Our vines thrive in the mild coastal microclimate. Planted in Istrian hills and valleys, we take advantage of the diverse soil composition of our different vineyards. As a result, Istria is considered one of the most suitable for making wines that last for decades. Staying true to our organic approach, the vines are planted incredibly sparsely, giving them enough space for producing the highest quality grapes.

We start nurturing quality in the vineyards.


Our wines have received numerous gold and silver medals, and some of them have also become champions at domestic and international wine competitions and festivals. These awards confirm our quality and encourage us to do good work and strive for ever higher results. The most excellent recognition is the satisfied customers who appreciate our wines and always like to return.

The gold and silver of the awards are reflected in our every drop.


Our archive cellar allows storing wine in ideal conditions, thus retaining its quality. With a wide range of high-quality wines, you have the opportunity to taste the past wines in the archive, dating anywhere from five or ten years ago to 1985 to the very beginning of the Bordon brand.

Our vintage wines capture a superb winemaking past.


The estate is located near the Rižana river in the vilage of Dekani. The long grain milling heritage is still visible from the renovated Old mill museum part of the estate. Because of our busy shedule we ask that you, like allways book your visit in advance.

Vina Bordon
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Meet the generations that create the story of Bordon wines.